Opening a physical store

Earth Mama started out from my bedroom, a crazy idea that took off on Instagram during the lockdown of the pandemic. So, I started selling plants with their beautifully designed pots to a strong community created on this magnificent social media platform. People were DMing me to ask for tips and share their love for plants and I realised that there is a huge need for a plant shop!

I quit my full time job on October of 2020 without knowing what the future holds, then opened the Earth Mama Instagram page on December of 2020 and a year after, I launched my e-shop, on December of 2021.

I was running most of my business from my home which had actually transformed into a jungle. So, I started looking for an affordable place to grow my plants and use as an office to run Earth Mama eshop smoothly and efficiently. I found a space that I could call the Earth Mama showroom in 42, Alonion str. 14562 Kifisia, Athens, Greece. This is neighbourhood with timeless elegance and our showroom is right across a small park that we often use for events.

The showroom has large windows and plenty of indirect light, the plants love it and the business can grow from here. The Earth Mama showroom also works as a store. It is a space the plants grow, we run the online business but it is so much more than that. It is a concept store, it is a meet up point, and it is created to bring people together so watch this space.


our store