Weddings & Christenings

We can make custom plant or vase base flower arrangements for your special event. Mini plant or mini bouquet options are also available for favours given as a gesture of thanks for the attendance for weddings, christenings or even parties or baby showers.

Flower Bar

Who dosen’t love flowers? You can hire a flower bar from Earth Mama for your event. We will agree on the type of flowers and colours and we will be there to make flowers for your guests live at your locations. We love making people smile, it is our joy!

Brand events

Bring a touch of nature on your dinning or meeting room table to enhance the look of your space and create a joyful environment. Either you want to decorate an office meeting room or a table for a friends and/or family dinner we offer stylist plant and flower options for you. By discussing the occasion with you first, we then present you with a selection that best suits your needs. 

Plant Stylist

We can offer you extra support if you are not sure which plant suits your home or office space. We will first plan a call or a visit to your space, and based on the lighting, temperature and environment, and of course your ability to take care of plants, we will provide you with the best options for you to compliment your decor and style.

Corporate Gifts

To increase gifting value, offer a plant to boost wellness and care for the environment. Depending on the occasion we offer an array of option to suit your request.