For the love of plants!

My name is Elina Korovesi and I started this business in my search of finding something new, exciting, therapeutic and creative for my day to day life. My love for flowers, plants and nature was inherited from my grandparents who started their own flower and plant business back in 1958.

Back then they were importers and growers, frequent travellers and patient souls but most importantly they started by experimenting, they did something they loved and lived a full life. In 1975, they brought the first ever greenhouses to Greece from Holland. After my grandfather passed away, I knew that I had to pursue my dream, so I quitted my full time job and launched Earth Mama in 2021. 

With many years and experience working in a hectic day to day job, I was ready to take a leap. Having lived in London for 10 years, where indoor plants were trending, especially in East London where I was living, gave me an idea of the aesthetic and culture I wanted for Earth Mama. My friends from London started calling me Earth Mama after I brought a raw chocolate cake at a bake off and this is how this name came to life.


Earth Mama sees houseplants as living creatures that can transform any modern interior and encourages you to: Learn from them, appreciate them, love them and grow with them. 

Bored by the local offering, Earth Mama is looking to green up your homes by offering you the most interesting plants and combining them with decorative pots that make them look like art pieces.

Our mission

We want to change the way people see plants and flowers. Through our design-led plant brand we want to encourage more people to join a new-age plant aesthetic and culture. Making our world a greener, healthier and prettier place.

We want people to feel good, see the benefits of having indoor houseplants, and embrace the ritual of slow living and plant parenting. We aim to make plant buying online easy by offering you unique ready-to-wear options that with a click of a button are delivered to your door. 

Carefully hand-delivered

We are very conscious and mindful about the way we do our deliveries. We have carefully selected the areas we can deliver, and always look to expand. Handling of plants and flowers on the road requires considerable finesse. 

We hand-pick and hand-deliver everything with love. We have set days we deliver to minimise carbon emissions and this is why we can’t offer delivery time slots. This also means we have fewer vans on the road, and we can keep the delivery charge low.