Elevate your interior

We offer decorative plants and pots that stylishly integrate greenery into your home. On top of that, we have dried flowers that can make any corner of the house majestic and need very little care. Plus, tools and items to enhance slow living and plant parenting.


Flower Subscription

We believe that indoor plants are a must-have for every house nowadays, however having a bouquet of flowers delivered to your door every week will make your life just so much better.  

Please get in touch to find out our different packages for our weekly or biweekly flower delivery subscriptions and we will be happy to find out what your likes and dislikes are but do expect to receive a more artistic style than the usual. 


Special Occasions

From weddings, christenings, corporate conferences and special meetings, to family dinners or birthdays, we can offer you a range of suitable options. Also, if you love plants but you are unsure of what would suit your space, we have a plant stylist service for you.