ZZ plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia - Small Ø 14 cm


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The ZZ plant is perfect for the beginners! A lush and leafy plant that is easy to grow and will do well if you ignore it! It tolerates low light too. We love the small glossy leaves and how it can make any space to look greener and fresh! You will end up seeing it a lot in offices or apartments if you notice it, it is what we like to call “The Silent Hero”.
Height with the pot: about 47 cm Pot diameter: 14 cm
An easy-goer! It can tolerate lower indirect light and will not enjoy intense, direct sun. Will need time to cool off between waterings, allow it to dry off a bit. Water every 2-3 weeks – a little more in brighter light and a little less in lower light.
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ZZ plant

Out of stock