White Wonders

Dried Bunch in Jar - Small Ø 7 cm


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“White Wonders” is a beautiful bunch of fluffy, dried flowers combined with eucalyptus. Perfect for bringing beautiful natural tones to your home year after year.
Height with jar: approx 60-65 cm Jar diameter: 7 cm
Dried flowers are natural items and while they can last you for years to come, they need to be treated rightly. Ideally, keep them out of direct sunlight and at a spot with low humidity. As they are delicate keep them out of strong airflow as they don’t like to be blown out. You can also dust them gently and spritz them lightly with hair spray to limit dropping and shedding. It is inevitable that even dried flowers will fade and change in appearance over the years, it’s just mother nature doing her thing.
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White Wonders

Out of stock