Spider Plant (Plant & Black Basket)

Chlorophytum comosum - Small Ø 18 cm


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Chlorophytum comosum, is known as Spider Plant because of its spider-like look! We love this plant as it is super easy-going and creates these small spiders at the end of each hanging stem that can be given to friends that want to propagate and grow their own plant. Since most spider plants are variegated, the solid green color makes them unique, interesting, and harder to find.
Height with the pot: about 30 cm Pot diameter: 18 cm
It enjoys indirect light and can tolerate a shady environment but it doesn’t like the sun. While we know this plant needs watering about once a week we have realised that it is ok with much less. Plus, overwatering can cause root rot and ultimately kill the plant – so it better to be safe than sorry… These plants are sensitive to fluoride and chlorine in water, which can brown the leaf tips. So if possible, use rainwater or distilled water – is this too much to ask for your plant baby?
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Spider Plant (Plant & Black Basket)

Out of stock