Silver Dragon

Alocasia baginda - Small Ø 11 cm


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Like many Alocasia species, Alocasia ‘Silver Dragon’ has a stunning heart-shaped, thick foliage. But its unique light silver-green shade of the leaves and the highly textured dark green veins, that resemble dragon scales, set the ‘Silver Dragon’ apart. Plus, its relatively compact size makes it well-suited for creating a big impact in a small space.

Height with the pot: about 22 cm
Pot diameter: 11 cm
Alocasia ‘silver dragon’ likes to have adequate moisture in the air but is quite sensitive to overwatering so water it when the top first centimeters of soil feel dry and avoid a soggy soil. These plants thrive in humid environments, making them an good choice to place in bathrooms. A medium to bright indirect light would be the most ideal.
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