Pink Orchid

Orchidaceae - Medium Ø 15 cm


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These pink orchids symbolise happiness, joy, grace, innocence, and fertility. It’s the perfect bloom to celebrate expecting mothers, new babies, growing families, and the like. Gentleness, playfulness, and romance are also common meanings of these deep pink blooms. They come with an elegant metal pot.
Height with the pot: about 80 cm Pot diameter: 15 cm
These so much info on caring for these special creatures. We want to keep it simple! Make sure you don’t stress the plant out by moving it around too much so as soon as you find the perfect spot with the following conditions just leave it there. So, watering: do not overwater as orchids get root rot easily, about once a week place the pot with the holes in the sink under running water and leave it there to dry. Secondly, lighting: make sure the orchid is close to a window much not in the sun, preferably do not place them at a north window as it is too cold and low light or at a west side window as the sun it too harsh (east and south facing are the best). Last but not least, humidity is very important, as they loooove it! Misting gives the orchid more humidity but does not create a soggy root environment which is great, find our mister here.
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Pink Orchid

Out of stock