Philodendron Black (Pot & Plant)

Philodendron Black Cardinal - Small Ø 17 cm


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Black is always in fashion. We love this minimal modern plant and pot. There are a lot of amazing philodendrons out there, but this manmade hybrid has proven to be one of the most striking. It has deep burgundy almost black leaves and red stems. If you’re into dark houseplants, this one is for you!
Height with the pot: about 30 cm Pot diameter: 17 cm
Philodendron Black Cardinal likes a position in bright, indirect light, in well-draining soil for optimal growth. It also benefits from the highest humidity you can provide! An easy to care for plant overall, as per usual we suggest you stick your finger in the soil and water when the top layers feel dry. Water slowly until you see moisture seeping from the drainage holes or the soil can no longer absorb at the speed you’re pouring. Cut back on watering in fall and winter while the plant is dormant.
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Philodendron Black (Pot & Plant)

Out of stock