Money Tree

Pachira Aquatica - Medium Ø 14 cm


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Pachira also known as the Money Tree because, according to Feng Shui, it brings prosperity and wealth to those who keep it! What we know for sure is that Pachira is a beautiful and low-maintenance plant that will liven up homes and offices! It also helps reduce levels of cortisol in our system, decreasing the chances of stress and anxiety disorders. Its air purifying qualities also lead to better respiratory health.
Height with the pot: about 40 cm Pot diameter: 14 cm
A very low maintenance plant as it only requires watering once every week and a bright environment out of direct sunlight. The plant’s bright green, textured leaves can be damaged by exposure to direct sun, so it’s better to keep it in the shade. The leaves also have fragile stems so can sometimes break off due to their weight, but don’t worry too much, as they will soon grow back!
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Money Tree

Out of stock