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Parsley - Large Ø 20 cm


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Another Mediterranean treasure, parsley is a rich source of vitamin C and iron, and is said to cure bad breath and cleanse the skin. Freshly picked leaves will depth and flavour to your cooking. An old English folk tale says that parsley grows best in a household where the wife wears the trousers. Whether you like this feminist plant or its culinary and medicinal properties, it’s a great addition to your herb collection.

Height with the pot: about 50 cm
Pot diameter: 20 cm
As with most herbs, parsley does best in a sunny area that receives direct light for six to eight hours a day. It can tolerate some light shade. Water is the most crucial element to keep it happy. Needs your attention more than you think, it likes to keep moist but too much water will rot its roots so be gentle. This plants will keep on giving you love the more you cut it, as it regrows after cutting. In fact, the more you cut, the fuller the plant will get!
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