Kentia Palm Tree – XL size

Howea forsteriana - XLarge Ø 31 cm


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Kentia Palm Tree is a super elegant indoor plant. This is the plant we suggest whenever we hear someone say: “I want it tall and thin”. It is the supermodel of the indoor plant world for us. Also, one of the best plants for improving air quality removing all toxins. Once you know it, you will notice it at all the posh places, like bars, hotel lobbies and restaurants.
Height with the pot: about 205 cm Pot diameter: 31 cm
An easy to take care plant, as it likes a bright spot, it will even better in the shade. The main thing for this beaut is humidity, you will only keep her happy if you make sure there is humidity in the room or you mist her every now and them, see our mister here. If you notice brown or yellow fronds make sure you trim them, giving her a little haircut. Also, she likes to keep hydrated so make sure you water her frequently but avoid too much water and wet legs as you might get root rot.
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Kentia Palm Tree – XL size

Out of stock