Hoya rosita

Hoya wayetii x tsangii - Small Ø 13 cm


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Hoya plants have waxy, thick leaves and are easy-to-care-for plants. As a houseplant, this lovely tropical hoya hybrid is perfect for a hanging spot where it can trail freely. Give it time, and its foliage can become even longer and fuller and may even bloom with clusters of hot pink flowers. Super stylish!
Height with the pot: about 21 cm Pot diameter: 13 cm
It prefers bright indirect light and can even tolerate some full sun. Morning or evening sun is ideal but better avoid intense afternoon sun and it can burn it’s leaves. In terms of watering, it is ok with dry soil but try to be consistent during their growth period and allow the soil to dry out at least halfway before watering thoroughly.
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Hoya rosita

Out of stock