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Lepismium bolivianum - Medium Ø 22 cm


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Lepismium bolivianum is a unique cactus plant native to the Bolivian jungle that will bring a touch of the rainforest to your home. Its long, flat stems can grow over a meter in length, making it the perfect trailing or cascading shelf plant. In optimal conditions, it will grow beautiful pink or white flowers, adding to its visual appeal. We love its long green branches that hang freely from the pot, giving it an unusual and relaxed look.

Height with the pot: Trailing down for about 90cm

Pot diameter: 22 cm


💧 Light watering – This cactus prefers to be kept on the dry side, so make sure the soil is allowed to dry out between waterings.

☀️ Bright indirect light – It’s a versatile cactus that will do well in most light conditions but can’t withstand direct sunlight.

Temperature – It will do best in temperatures above 15°C (59 ºF)

Humidity – Average

Pet friendly – No

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