Florida Ghost (Pot and Plant)

Philodendron Pedatum - Small Ø 14 cm


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Florida Ghost is a rare Philodendron with an interesting colour and unusual shape of its leaves. We love the combination of the red stems with the green weird-shaped leaves. Also every time a new leaf emerges is in super bright green colour that might stay this way when exposed in brighter light. White, cream, lime green to dark green are the colours this plant goes through during its growth so one thing is for sure: you will never be bored!
Height with the pot: about 40 cm (with wooden legs) Pot diameter: 14 cm
With minimal care, this tropical beauty will thrive for years in your home. It enjoys indirect light and can do well close to a north or east-facing window. In a sunnier south or west-facing room, place it further away from the windows to keep it out of direct sunlight. Full sun can damage or even kill it. Philodendron Florida Ghost watering should be done when at least the top half of the soil is dry. An easy way to determine if it’s time to water Florida Ghost plant is by sticking your finger down at least halfway in the soil.
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Florida Ghost (Pot and Plant)

Out of stock