English Ivy

Hedera helix - Medium Ø 28 cm


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English Ivy is a robust, woody vine with handsome dark-green, lush leaves. This ivy is happy both indoors and outdoors, adding a touch of romance and wilderness to any space. It’s an easy to care plant and, therefore, an excellent choice for new plant owners. It comes with an elegant 4-legged pot stand that allows it to trail down and enhances its majesty.
Height with the pot: about 92 cm (with stand) Pot diameter: 28 cm
💧 Regular watering – Keep the soil gently moist, but not soggy – check it regularly. ☀️ Bright indirect light – You can place this hanging ivy indoors near windows with bright light, but full-sun exposure can cause the leaves to burn. Outdoors, it will thrive in full shade or partial shade. Humidity – English ivy likes a moist atmosphere. Mist her every couple of days. Temperature – It prefers slightly cooler temperatures. Pet friendly – No
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English Ivy

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