Dwarf Fig Plant (Plant & Pot with stand)

Ficus lyrata Bambino - Small Ø 15 cm


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Ficus lyrata Bambino is a relatively new dwarf that is already gaining attention as an ‘IT’ houseplant for modern living. It is also known as the Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig and has an extremely compact, upright, branching nature. The leaves are slightly smaller and thicker compared to the Ficus lyrata but the shape of the leaves are the same amazing fiddle-shape. They are ideal house plants, adding rich, green foliage and filtering the air of unwanted pollutants at the same time.
Height with the pot and stand: about 61 cm Pot diameter: 15 cm
Our Dwarf plant prefers bright, indirect light. only water when the soil becomes slightly dry at the top, but do not overwater. This Fig has no specific humidity requirements, although for an added boost, consider giving your plant an occasional misting. Find our mister here.
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Dwarf Fig Plant (Plant & Pot with stand)

Out of stock