Cordyline Ruby

Cordyline fruticosa - Medium Ø 24 cm


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Cordyline fruticosa, commonly referred to as the Ti plant or Palm lily, is an evergreen shrub that graces gardens and house spaces with its vibrant presence. This particular variety of Cordyline is a popular choice for ornamental purposes thanks to its striking pink and burgundy foliage. It can reach a height of 3 to 4 meters.
Height with the legs: about 140 cm Pot diameter: 24 cm
In order for your Cordyline to grow indoors successfully and maintain the brilliant foliage color, place it near a window with good indirect sunlight. It likes to be watered occasionally, but also needs the soil to dry out slightly, so water it when the top of the soil has dried out.
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Cordyline Ruby

Out of stock