Christmas Berry Tree

Ardisia crenata - Medium Ø 15 cm


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This is a beautiful little tree dressed up to make an impression for the holiday season. Its leaves are dark green, thick, glossy, and have tightly waved edges. It produces fragrant blossoms which bloom from late spring to early summer. The blossoms are followed by shiny, coral to scarlet red fruits which often remain on the plant year round. The flowers and berries appear in the midsection of the tree.
Height with the pot: about 46 cm Pot diameter: 15 cm
Likes an evenly moist soil year-round, but be careful it is never soggy as this can lead to root rot. Regular misting with room-temperature water will help increase the moisture in the air around it. Misting also helps to keep away spider mites that prefer dry conditions. Look at our mister here.
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Christmas Berry Tree

Out of stock