Calathea Triostar

Calathea Stromanthe Sanguinea Triostar - Large Ø 23 cm


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A beautiful tropical plant, very famous of course for its variegated leaves in a spectrum of shades of pink, green and white. One great thing about the Calathea Triostar is that it is non-toxic for both pets and humans, so you don’t need to worry about moving them out of reach! As this is a Calathea also known as a Prayer Plant, you will see the leaves stretch upwards at night, a magical creature responding to life, moving and growing. A must-have in our opinion!
Height with the pot: about 50 cm Pot diameter: 23 cm
Needs a little more attention than you think, even it likes to be noticed and talked to. Other than that it likes bright, indirect light, not sunlight and a moist soil. Only water once the surface of the soil starts to dry. During the winter months do not allow the plant to fully dry out but do reduce the frequency of watering. Mist weekly and if planted in a pot without drainage holes, mist more frequently.
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Calathea Triostar

Out of stock