Bougainvillea Pink x Rock-like pot

Bougainvillea - Medium Ø 19 cm


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Bougainvillea are tropical vines you will come across at most greek islands and can grow from 1-12 metres high. There are dwarf varieties available, known as Bambino bougainvillea, which are great for use in pots or as low hedges. The petals of the Bougainvillea flower resemble delicate paper and come in shades of pink, red, orange, white, and purple.
Height with the pot: about 50 cm Pot diameter: 19 cm
A sunny position is preferred for the best flowering but most of them will grow in part shade but in that position they will flower less. Keep them on the dry side and make sure they have good drainage.
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Bougainvillea Pink x Rock-like pot

Out of stock