Audrey (Pot & Plant)

Ficus benghalensis - Small Ø 14 cm


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Audrey is the new trendy ficus in town. A close relative of the fiddle leaf fig, ficus Audrey is easier to grow and care for indoors and has a similar growth habit and appearance. It reminds us of the beauty, Audrey Hepburn, a fashion icon of the plant world at the moment.
Height with the pot: about 40 cm Pot diameter: 14 cm
Audrey would love a location that receives several hours of bright, indirect light for your ficus Audrey, such as a south or west-facing window. Likes direct morning and evening sun, just be sure to avoid extended periods of direct sunlight during the afternoon as it may burn the leaves. Allow the top of the soil to dry between waterings and then water thoroughly. Ficus Audrey does best in consistently moist soil and should never be allowed to dry out completely. As audrey is native to India, she likes a warm and humid atmosphere.
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Audrey (Pot & Plant)

Out of stock