Alocasia melo

Alocasia melo - Small Ø 12 cm


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Alocasia Melo is a distinctive variety of Alocasia, known for its thick, textured leaves that add an exquisite touch of exotic charm to any indoor environment. With its unique appearance, Alocasia Melo is a standout choice for plant enthusiasts looking to bring a touch of rarity and elegance to their living spaces. One of our favourite Alocasia varieties!
Height with the pot: about 20 cm Pot diameter: 12 cm
In nature, Alocasia melo grows on rocky surfaces in wet, tropical ecosystems, so we want to create an indoor environment that makes her feel at home. Water your plant moderately only after the first top centimeters of its soil get thoroughly dry and place it in a location with partial shade to bright indirect light. 
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Alocasia melo

Out of stock