African violet ‘Blue Boy’

Streptocarpus ionanthus - Small Ø 14 cm


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The African Violet (or Saintpaulia) is a lovely flowering houseplant that enchants with its lush, fuzzy leaves, and vibrant, violet-like blooms. It’s the perfect companion for smaller living spaces, adding a burst of color to your home or office. Its low-maintenance and air-purifying qualities make it an excellent addition to any interior setting. 
Height with the pot: about 22 cm Pot diameter: 14 cm
💧 Light watering The African violet prefers to have just enough water to keep the soil moist but not overly wet. Keep water from touching the leaves to avoid brown spots. ☀️  Bright indirect light African violets thrive in bright, warm and humid conditions. Be sure to provide a bright location with no direct sunlight and you’ll get to enjoy its beautiful blooms throughout the year. Pet friendly – No
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African violet ‘Blue Boy’

Out of stock